Turn waste into environmentally friendly energy with the help of the ECOLONOM-technology.
We will help you to implement this environmentally friendly technology of waste recycling in your city.
  • our own scientific development is one of a kind in the country
  • no toxic emissions into the atmosphere, no soil and water contamination
  • energy independence of the complex
  • high profitability
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About us

The company "ECO-ENERGO PLUS" was founded in 2013 with the objective to develop a new EСOLONOM technology for disposal of municipal solid waste and organic waste.

This technology was developed in 1996 by the company "Sovenergoresurs" under direction of the academician V.I. Ishkov. Later, the company "ECO-ENERGO PLUS" took over the relay and boosted the initial achievements several-fold.

We have managed to improve this technology and achieve a continuous full-time waste disposal. We conduct all work regarding the disposal of municipal solid waste and organic waste in an environmentally friendly way, which is proved by the correspondent environmental impact assessment.

"Today, the company has ist own developments and technology for waste management, which is unequalled on the Ukrainian market in all economic and ecological parameters."

Facts and figures:


years on the market

of environmentally friendly

waste recycling


up to 98% of raw

materials are processed

by the plant


years of warranty

for the failure-free

operation of our plant

Mission of the company:

  • Production and supply of the energy generated from alternative energy sources in the course of waste disposal.
  • Reduction of the regional energy industry dependency on conventional energy carriers (natural gas, coal etc).
  • Creation of an orderly production infrastructure for recycling of municipal solid waste and organic waste.

We work in the following fields:



Waste recycling

and disposal

Energy industry

alternative energy


Development of ecological

waste management projects

Cleaning up

of landfill sites

Municipal solid waste

Plastics of all kinds

Vehicle tyres

Organic industry waste

Food industry


Fabric, paper/cardoard, package rests

Wood and biomass of all kinds and humidity

Animal and poultry farms waste

Agricultural waste

Oil sludge*

* upon a separate agreement

Dry sewage


Medical waste*

* upon a separate agreement

After the recycling, following products

are obtained and supplied at cheap rates:

Our disposal plant with the capacity of 300 ton per day burdens the environment less than a boiler house serving a small school.
How did we manage to make waste recycling SO effective? The leading engineers of the company "ECO ENERGO PLUS" have developed a manufacturing complex "ECOLONOM" (ecology + economy) in order to solve the problem of recycling of municipal solid waste and organic waste.
Its principal characteristic is being a direct opposite of the known waste burning technologies.

tons of waste

are processed by

one reactor daily


142.000 hours

- operation time

of the plant


days a month

are needed for

the technical service




are created

According to the ECOLONOM technology, the production is based on modular and organisational units represented by 22 elements:

Our 15 exclusive know-hows, the main of which is a straight line reactor. The remaining 7 elements are standard solutons.

The technology is based on the method of multitemperature pyrolysis of the waste materials into different fractions:

a gaseous fraction

a liquid fraction in the form of heating oil

a solid fraction - pyrocarbon.

The straight line reactor can work in different modes. Its three main modes are:

pyrolysis direct combustion combined mode

It is very convenient since different kinds of waste require individual approaches and processing modes.

No national or foreign system of technological solutions has these charachteristics.

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The work of the complex is based on a new waste disposal technology, (patented in Ukraine (patent of Ukraine №14513 of 9 January 1997 (Ishkov V.I), patent of Ukraine №68482 of 16 August 2004, patent of Ukraine №126280 for a utility model of 11 June 2018).
Why is ECOLONOM the future of waste recycling?
No slags
Thermal processes of waste recycling do not lead to formation of slags, thus landfills are absolutely not needed anymore.
In the past, waste burning plants were constructed in large cities only, where big waste volumes are accumulated. Our technologies and waste collecting methods solve the problem of waste disposal in any locality.
No dioxins
During waste recycling, no dioxins are formed, which is a significant advantage.
New technological solutions allow to recycle waste in any area and do not require power supply, because the plant can operate autonomously.
Energy saving
All kinds of waste are recycled using energy components of the waste itself, thus there is no need to use energy reserves.
Safety and protection
One of the advantages of the plant is its absolute safety and protection even in case medium power explosives accidentally get into the reactor of the disposal plant.
High profitability
The thermal balance is positive, which makes these technologies higly profitable. This is especially important for countries with weak economies.
Emergency assistance
The technology provides environmental protection of territories and guarantees the supply of energy to them. It is extremely important in case of local or large-scale natural disasters.
In crisis situations, it is possible to reduce the load of the complex from 100 to 20 tons per day. At the same time, the profitability will decrease. However, it will solve the environmental problem of the area.
Environmental cleanup of large areas
Custom developments can also be implemented to carry out important environmental cleanup projects such as cleaning of the upper layer of landfills as well as illegal dumping.
Successful testing
Nowadays, the company has a prototype of the plant, which was tested in all modes of operation and under different thermal treatments during the disposal of solid municipal waste and organic waste.
Quick start
The complex can recycle waste of all calorific values and humidity - no in-depth sorting and preliminary processing are needed.
Patents and documents
The qualification of the company is confirmed with patents, ecologists' conclusions, reviews of international technologists and commissions of various levels proving the advantages of "ECOLONOM". The technlogy has all the necessary normative documentation.
European standards
Waste disposal by continuous pyrolysis is actiely practiced in the European countries. The measured data proved that the disposal plant fully complies with the Ukrainian and EU requirements.
How the ECOLONOM system works
1 The waste is loaded into a receiving bunker and is transported along the operation line with the help of conveyors.
2 For primary waste sorting, a bunker is used, which is equipped with a magnet separator for picking out metal and a 'moving bottom' for separating glass from other materials.
3 Secondary waste sorting before loading the waste into a disposal reactor. On the operation lines, more than 25% of the waste is picked out, namely: metal scrap, glass etc.
4 The mass is then mechanically loaded into the disposal reactor. The waste conveyed into the reactor undergoes several stages of thermal treatment, which corresponds the method of multitemperature pyrolisis.
5 The pyrolisis reaction together with the burning of residual pyrolsis gases provides a full decay of dioxins and furans. Thus, all products of waste processing by the disposal plant do not contain any toxic or dangerous sunstances.
6 All components remaining in the cassettes, including the cassettes, are sterilised at the output from the reactor.
7 As a result of the continuous pyrolysis, pyrocarbon is formed and a gas condensate mixture is released, which undergoes several stages of refining and cooling.
The "ECOLONOM" system can help you to solve:
Environmental problems
  • get rid of/reduce landfilling by 95-98% and improve the sanitary and environmental situation in the localities of the country.
  • avoid the problem of allocation of new land for the construction of economically costly and environmentally harmful landfills;
  • completely solve the problem of unprocessed domestic waste taken to landfills.
Financial problems
  • turn waste management from an expence item into an income source for the budget;
  • get rid of expenses related to the management of environmental impact of landfilling;
  • significantly (more than 10-fold) reduce expenses for landfilling and management of the environmental consequences of waste storage;
  • make investments into this field more attactive and stable.
Production problems
  • obtain maximum production yield in the form of marketable end products and standard recyclable materials in the recycling chain,
  • continiuously produce useful products (hot water, steam and electrical energy, fabric, metal scrap, PET, waste paper, pyrocarbon etc).
  • As a result, you will receive/increase profits from selling these products.